1830s (precise date unknown)

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Bill of Lading. Printed and sold by A. Bent, [183-]

27.7 x 10.6 cm.  Copies: Crowther

Bills of Lading Crowther
W.L. Crowther Library, TAHO. CRO.PQ 658.78825 BEN

A block of forms, partially used up. Bent advertised bills of lading from as early as Aug. 1816. This example dates from the 1830s, probably from around the time Bent resumed printing in 1832. In the Colonist 6 July 1832 Bent advised he had received some new type including some neat and beautiful English script (used the for heading on this bill) and also that he could print bank cheques, bills of lading etc. in large and small script, antique and old English open, equal in neatness to copperplate and at moderate charges.

?? Van Diemen’s Land Fire and Marine Insurance, and Life Annuity Company [Receipt for Fire Policy Payment] [183-]

Fire Insurance Policy 183-
W. L Crowther Library, TAHO CRO.PQ 658.87 BIL

Possibly printed by Bent as it uses same decorative strip as previous item. In a miscellaneous collection of early Hobart billheads, shipping notices and promissory notes, 1830-1890 collected by Crowther.



General Power of Attorney. Printed and sold by A. Bent, Hobart Town, Van Diemen’s Land. [183-]

General Power of Attorney
National Library of Australia F/Broadside F1113b


1 sheet; 40 x 50 cm. printed on one half of the sheet and intended to be folded in half.

Ferguson 1113b. Copies ANL

Bent advertised powers of attorney for sale from as early as Aug. 1816. This unused example was probably printed between 1832 and 1838.

National Library digitised version





A Dialogue on Baptism. By E. Mote.

Colophon: Printed by A. Bent, Hobart Town [no date]

16 p., 16.2 x 10.8 cm.    Ferguson 1990. Copies: TSL

Dialogue on Baptism TAHO
Libraries Tasmania. TL.P 265.1 MOT

The only known copy of this imprint appears to have been dis-bound from a collection and has no t.p or cover. Title is given at head of text on p. [2].  No newspaper announcement of publication found. Ferguson assigns a date ca. 1835.  Possibly a reprint of a tract by Baptist minister Edward Mote, 1797-1874, who compiled Hymns of Praise, and published a number of religious pamphlets in England, but no original version has been identified. There is no evidence Mote ever came to Australia.


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