A Bibliography of his Printing 1815-1849

Compiled by Sally Bloomfield

Citation: Sally Bloomfield, Andrew Bent: A Bibliography of his Printing, 1815-1849 (version 1, 31 August 2018)

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1814:  assisted with Van Diemen’s Land Gazette

1816-1830: Hobart Town Gazette     Colonial Times     Colonial Advocate

1832-1835: Colonist     True Colonist      People’s Horn Boy     Trumpeter General

1836-1839: Bent’s News   Horn Boy   Port Philip Government Gazette (proposed)

1839-1840: Australasian Chronicle


These were sometimes published in December but are listed as the first item in their year of coverage.

Van Diemen’s Land Pocket Almanack: 1824

Tasmanian Almanack:  1825   1826   1827    1828    1829    1830

Note on British Library holdings of Bent almanacs: In 1897 the British Museum acquired what appears to have been a full set from the collection of M.C. Scott. The volumes for 1825 to 1830, while still listed in the British Library’s catalogue, cannot currently be found. A note from the Keeper of Prints at the British Museum in 1959 (quoted by Clifford Craig in ‘Engravers of Van Diemen’s Land’) states that the Hobart Town annuals and almanacs of James Ross were destroyed during World War 2, so it is possible the Bent volumes shared the same fate.

[Sheet Almanack]: 1826

Hobart Town pamphlets and other printing

Miscellaneous government printing 1815-1820

1815-1818 Pamphlets etc.

1819 Michael Howe

1819-1820 Other pamphlets

1821     1822     1823

1824 Books and pamphlets      1824 Miscellaneous printing


1826 Books and pamphlets       1826 Miscellaneous printing



1832-1833     1834     1835     1836-1838     1830s (undetermined)

Sydney pamphlets etc.

1839-1840     Appeal (1844)     Last pamphlets (1848-9)