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Prospectus of a new weekly Journal to be published at Hobart Town, on the 6th July 1832 entitled the Colonist, and Van Diemen’s Land Commercial and Agricultural Advertiser.

Colonist prospectus
ML HQ 2014 1989



No imprint.

Broadside, 27 cm.

Not in Ferguson. Copies: ML



The Correspondence, relating to the Resignation of Mr. Gordon, as Police Magistrate, at Richmond. To which are added some Remarks necessary for the Information of the Reader. Hobart Town: Printed by Andrew Bent at the Colonist Office. 1832.

48p., 8vo. Dark blue paper wrappers.

Ferguson 1538. Copies: BL; TSL; TNA (CO280/45 f. 158 ff. Copy sent by Gordon 18 May 1833) BL copy is available online

Resign Gordon 1
Libraries Tasmania  TL 994.603 GOR


Intended publication first announced in the Colonist 3 Aug. 1832. Finally published on 11 December 1832.  ‘To be  had at Mr. Bent’s printing office, of all the booksellers in Hobart town, and of Mr. J. C. Underwood, Launceston.’ (HTC 7 Dec.)

The real author was probably, as Arthur believed, Gilbert Robertson, who was until Nov. 1832, editor of the Colonist. A brief account of the trouble this pamphlet caused both Gordon and ticket of leave convict Henry Savery is given in Gordon’s entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography.


The new Reform Act. An Act to amend the Representation of the People of England and Wales. June 7, 1832. Printed by Andrew Bent, at the Columbian Press, Colonist Newspaper Office, Elizabeth Street, Hobart Town, Van Diemen’s Land. 1832.

New Reform Act (3)
Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts, TAHO P 324.42 NEW

1 sheet (28 x 45.3 cm.) folded to 4 p. Not in Ferguson.  Copies: TSL (Allport)

Publication announced in the Colonist 16 Nov. 1832. Price 1s.

‘This invaluable Document, which secures to Englishmen their just Rights, is drawn in a most simple and plain form, free from all obscurity ; and knowing that every honest Briton must feel as we do on the happy occasion, and fearing it may make its appearance in garbled extracts,  we shall print the whole on a single Sheet of Paper that every one in this Colony (who desires it) may be made fully acquainted with the whole extent of the Blessing obtained by the subjects of Britain’

Copies were still on sale at the end of 1833 at the reduced price of 6d.

The ninth Report of the Wesleyan Auxiliary Missionary Society of Hobart Town, Van Diemen’s Land 1832. Hobart Town: Printed by Andrew Bent, Colonist Office, Elizabeth-street. 1833.

Wes Mis Soc 9th 1832 ML
Mitchell Library 266/W

28 p., 21 x 13.5 cm. Blue paper wrappers.

Contents: Proceedings of the ninth annual meeting p [3]-5; ninth report [6]-16; List of donations [17]-27; [28] accounts.

Ferguson 1727b. Copies: ML (lacks p. 17-28); TSL (Crowther, 2 copies)

The report was ordered to be printed at a meeting of the Society on 31 Dec. 1832and was noted as just published in the Colonist 14 May 1833.



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