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Trial of Mr. Thomas Lewis, at the Supreme Court of Van Diemen’s Land, before Mr. Justice Montagu, and a Military Jury. From “The Colonist” of May 13, 1834. Re-printed by A. Bent. 1834.

56, x p., 20.6 x 12.5 cm. Blue paper wrappers.

Ferguson 1812. Copies: ANL; BL; KCL; ML (2 copies); NSL; TAHO (2 copies GO33/1/19 and CSO1/1/727/15793); TNA CO280/52 (incomplete), CO280/55 (complete copy sent per Mary which left Hobart 8 Feb. 1835) CO280/73, CO280/92 f. 630-662 (sent in by William Bryan on 3 Dec 1836); TSL; 1 copy (ex Rollo Hammet Collection) in private hands.

ML copy (DSM 343.1 L) is available online.

Trial Thomas Lewis ML 1
Mitchell Library DSM/343.1/L (copy 1 with Alfred Lee bookplate)

Also includes correspondence from after the trial. Lewis was tried for inciting a breach of the peace by carrying a challenge on behalf of William Bryan. The trial (on account of both Justice Montagu’s overbearing conduct in court and the severe sentence) became a rallying point for Arthur’s opponents as the clamour around the complex Bryan affair built up. At least one incomplete copy (stopping mid sentence on p. 32) was sent to the Colonial Office before the end of 1834. The pamphlet was finished by early 1835 and a complete copy sent to Colonial Office (via Arthur) per Mary (departed 8 Feb. 1834). Somewhat confusingly Bent announced it as ‘just published’ in BN 9 Jan 1836. Only a few copies then remained on hand at 10s. each. By this time Lewis had been released from gaol, and was engaged in lengthy negotiations for compensation. A note by Bent dated 3 July 1838 stated he had received £47.6.0 from Mr. Lewis ‘for Printing one part of His Pamphlet’ (Tas. Parl. Archives LC7/1). Justice Montagu later asserted that the account of the trial in the pamphlet was grossly untrue and garbled (encl. in Arthur to Glenelg 30 May 1836 CO280/73 f. 299-317). Nonetheless the law officers in England concluded that Lewis had been improperly convicted, the sentence was one of extraordinary severity and Arthur was remiss in not acceding to Lewis’ request for an inquiry into the case and Montagu’s conduct in it.

Murray, Henry Nairne. The Schoolmaster in Van Diemen’s Land. A practical Treatise on Education, for the use of Parents and Others, not professed Teachers. By Henry Nairne Murray. Hobart Town: Printed by Andrew Bent, at the Colonist Office. 1834.

viii, 86 p., 17.6 x 10 cm. (varies slightly). Title printed also on cover which has decorative border. Colophon: Printed by A. Bent, at the Imperial Press.

Ferguson 1825. Copies: Allport; Crowther; ML (2 copies); TSL; VSL (2 copies)

ML copy (DSM 371 M) is available online

Schoolmaster in VDL cover TSL
Libraries Tasmania TL.P 370.1 MUR


The work was finished by Oct. 1832 but publication not announced until 28 Feb. 1834 — price 2s. 6d. and to be had of Mr. Bent, at the Colonist office. Murray was tutor in the household of T. G. Gregson at Restdown. The work is dedicated to Gregson and ML copy at 371/M is was presented to Mrs. Gregson ‘with sentiments of true esteem by the Author. Restdown 5th May 1834.’




Jorgenson, Jorgen. An Address to the Free Colonists of Van Diemen’s Land, on Trial by Jury, and our other Constitutional Rights. By Publicola. Printed (for the Author) by Andrew Bent. 1834.

30, [2] p., 21.2 x 12.5 cm.

Ferguson 1837a.  Copies: Crowther; DC

Address Publicola ML (4)
Dixson Library, State Library of NSW

Jorgenson acknowledged his authorship in a letter to W. J. Hooker 4 Dec. 1840 (D. Sprod, The Usurper (Sandy Bay: Blubber Head Press, 2001), p. 632). It was written between two public meetings on the Jury question which were held on 9 June and 14 July 1834. Feelings on the question ran extremely high and another pamphlet was published around this time by Henry Melville (Letters and Proceedings of the public Meeting relating to the Jury Question.)

First advertised 8 July 1832 and more fully on 22 July. Not in fact published until early October, possibly because of the troubled state of the Colonist newspaper office at that time. The correcting was ‘unavoidably left to the Author, the Printer being so busily engaged in other matters.’ (p. [31])

Fourteenth annual Report of the Van Diemen’s Land Auxiliary Bible Society, for the Year 1833. Hobart Town: Printed by Andrew Bent, Imperial Press, Elizabeth-Street. 1834.

Bible Soc 14th report 1833 1
W. L. Crowther Library, TAHO


16p., 8vo.

Ferguson 1866. Copies: Crowther





The seventh Report of the Van Diemen’s Land Missionary Society, 1833. With a List of Subscribers and Benefactors. Hobart Town: Printed by Andrew Bent, Elizabeth-street. 1834.

VDL Miss Soc report 7th 1833 1
TAHO NS638/1/27


22p., 8vo.

Ferguson 1866b. Copies: TAHO (NS638/1/27)





[Report of the public Meeting respecting Restrictions in Grants]

Not in Ferguson. No known copies.

restrictions in grants
People’s Horn Boy 22 Aug 1834

The meeting was held at the Court House 4 Aug. 1834. Advertised in People’s Horn Boy 22 Aug. 1834 and TC 9 Sep. 1834. Price 1s. Also mentioned in Hobart Town Almanack 1835. Bent may have reused the type already set up in columns for the report in the True Colonist on 12 Aug. 1834 as he did for the House of Assembly meeting around the same time (and published early in 1835)

[Official correspondence, relating to the Australian colonies, between Governor Macquarie and Lord Bathurst]

Ferguson 1812a. No copies. Advertised as just published in the Colonist, 8 July 1834.

Macquarie correspondence
Colonist 8 July 1834







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