Libraries and other holding institutions

NUC symbol used where available. Special formed collections are listed separately.

Allport:  Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts (Libraries Tasmania)

ANL:  National Library of Australia

ANL (FC):  Ferguson Collection, National Library of Australia

BL:  British Library

Crowther:  W.L. Crowther Library (Libraries Tasmania)

DC:  Dixson Library (State Library of NSW)

KCL:  King’s College Library (London)

ML:  Mitchell Library (State Library of NSW)

NSL:  State Library of NSW

SRNSW:  State Records NSW

SSL:  State Library of South Australia

TAHO:  Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office (Libraries Tasmania)

Tas Parl:  Tasmanian Parliamentary Library

TNA:  National Archives (UK)

TSL:  Libaries Tasmania

TU:  University of Tasmania Library

VSL:  State Library of Victoria


BN:  Bent’s News (used for both Hobart titles 1836-1838)

CT:  Colonial Times (Used for both titles 1825-)

HTC:  Hobart Town Courier

HTG:  Hobart Town Gazette (Bent’s) Used for both titles, 1816-1825

TC:  True Colonist