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Sheep Robbery 200 Dollars Reward [re sheep stolen from Edward Abott, Junior, near Russell’s Falls] Dated Jan, 9, 1826. Foolscap folio broadside. Ferguson 1052b. Description based on a photographic copy in TAHO, but Ferguson did not know the whereabouts of the original. Unable to locate the photographic copy either as at 31 Dec. 2016.

The Proceedings in the Case of His Majesty’s Attorney-General, J.T. Gellibrand, Esq, as well in the Supreme Court of Van Diemen’s Land, as upon the late private Investigation, including the Correspondence with His Excellency Lieutenant Governor Arthur, and the Honourable Chief Justice Pedder, and all the other Documents connected with this most important Case, in two Parts. Hobart Town: Printed by Andrew Bent, Colonial Times Office.

184, ii p., 20 cm.

Ferguson 1072. Copies: Allport; Harvard Law library; KCL; ML (2 copies); NSL; TNA (CO280/10 encl in Gellibrand to Bathurst 10 Apr. 1826. Another copy in CO280/92 sent in by William Bryan 13 Nov 1835); University of Otago (Hocken collection); VSL; one copy (ex Hammet) in private collection. Ferguson also lists Sir John Gellibrand.

Gellibrand Proc unopened copy Mitchell (6)
Mitchell Library DSM/C462








Minutes of the Van Diemen’s Land Company, established by an Act of Parliament, introduced by His Majesty’s Ministers and passed without any single Opposition in any one of its Stages. Together with a List of its Governors, Directors, Auditors, Officers, &c. Hobart Town: Printed by Andrew Bent, at the Tasmanian Patent Press, Colonial Times Office, 1826.

16p., 20.5 x 13 cm. (approx), blue paper covers.

Ferguson 1097. Copies: ANL; DC; ML; TSL; TAHO (CSO1/1/14/265)

Minutes VDL Co. NLA copy (3)
National Library of Australia SR 333.31060946 V245

Advertised as in the Press and to be speedily published in CT 24 March 1826. By the end of April Bent had been gaoled for libel. His wife Mary oversaw the final publication of this pamphlet as announced in CT 12 May 1826

Next Week will be published by Mrs. Bent, at the Colonial Times Office, THE whole of the Correspondence between Lord Bathurst, Colonel Sorell, and   Edward Curr, Esq. the Secretary, upon the Van Diemen’s Land Company, established by Act of Parliament.-This Pamphlet will also contain other Matters, which together will be found very interesting.-Price, 2s 6d. on delivery.

Copies of this ‘neatly stitched pamhlet’ were still on sale in January 1828


Observations on the establishment of the Wesleyan Library, at Hobart Town, Van Diemen’s Land. With the rules and regulations; a list of the books collected; and an appendix, containing some account of Mr. Wesley, and the striking success which attended his ministry. Hobart Town: Printed by Andrew Bent, 1826. 16p., 18.3 x 12 cm. (ML copy, trimmed)  Ferguson 1098a. Copies: ML; TSL

[Second report of the Wesleyan Branch Missionary Society 1825] CT 16 June 1826 announced this ‘has just been printed at our office.’ Not in Ferguson. No known copies.

[Van Diemen’s Land. Acts. 1826] Three consecutively paged, but separately printed, acts: no. 1 on punishment of female offenders; no. 2 on sale of liquor and regulation of public houses; no. 3 on the circulation of sterling money and regulation of promissory notes. 24 p. in all. Each act has colophon: Printed by A. Bent, Hobart Town, Van Diemen’s Land. Ferguson 1094; 1095; 1096. Publication announced in CT 24 Nov. 1826: Now publishing … the Acts passed during the present year, by His Excellency Colonel GEORGE ARTHUR …all the future Acts of Council will be printed at the Colonial Times Office … but few copies struck off … printed in a similar manner to the English Acts of Parliament, in order that they may be bound with them. Price 1s. each. Copies: ANL (all three); TNA (no. 3 in CO280/15 f. 145-146 encl in William Gellibrand to Bathurst 17 Sep. 1827)

[Proclamation by His Excellency Colonel George Arthur re Matthew Brady and other bushrangers] 1 March 1826. Printed by A. Bent, Colonial Times Office, 1826. Imprint in large black type at bottom of the sheet. 21 ¾ x 15 ½ in. Ferguson 1093c. Copies: TAHO GO33/1/1 p. 405.

Rules for the Laying Out and Formation of Roads, by Captain William Dumaresq, Royal Staff Corps, with the Result of M’Adam’s Experience in Metaling and Mending Roads. A. Bent, Colonial Times Office. No date but probably 1826. W. J. Dumaresq, in Sydney, sent the document from which this item was printed as an enclosure in a letter to his brother Edward in Hobart, dated 22 Dec 1825. Broadside, 20.8 x 22.5 cm. Ferguson 1068b. Copies: TSL

[Circular letter transmitting copies of the Colonial Times, Apr. 3 1826] Copy seen is addressed (in Bent’s hand) to Lord Bathurst. As the letter was printed so as to have the addressee’s name inserted by hand, there were probably other recipients (TNA CO280/9 f. 29)[Currency Conversion Table] Advertised in CT 17 Nov. 1826. “A TABLE, by which Sterling Money of any number of Spanish Dollars, from 1 to 1000, may be seen at one view at the rate of 4s. 4d. each, to be had at the Times Office. Price, 6d.” No copies.

Two promissory notes printed in 1826 (TSL Crowther)


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