Miscellaneous printing 1824

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One Hundred Guineas Reward. 

100 guineas reward (Kermode)
TAHO CSO1/1/52/1020 f. 158

Handbill. 26.5 x 18.5 cm approx. (edges torn slightly and creased)

Not in Ferguson. Copies: TAHO.

The reward notice was enclosed in a letter from Kermode to Lt. Gov. Arthur 18 Nov. 1824 and relates to robberies in Feb. and March 1824.

[Circular letter March 28, 1824, concerning a farewell presentation to Major Bell, of the 48th Regiment]

Circular Bell 1824 (3)
National Library of Australia FRM F934b

1 leaf ; 26 x 21 cm folded to 21 x 13 cm.

Ferguson 934b. Copies: ANL

Blind stamp of Commonwealth Parliamentary Library Petherick Collection.
Printed on lightweight laid paper with 1817 counter mark. Circular is printed on right hand side of the sheet, which has been folded to form an envelope and sealed (evidence of sealing wax remains) Addressed to Mr. Thos Scott Assistant Surveyor.

Regulations for the Ferry at New Norfolk respecting Persons crossing on Government Account. Hobart Town, April 17, 1824.

Regs Ferry New Norfolk
TAHO CSO1/1/89/1985

Foolscap broadside.With manuscript corrections and additions.

Ferguson 987b. Copies: TAHO

Boat license [betw. 1820 and 1824]

12 x 20 cm. Private collection.

boat license

License for a private boat made out to Major Honner. The name of Naval Officer Edward Foord Bromley is printed on the document. Bromley was suspended from office on 11 Oct. 1824, so it must have been printed before that date. It was issued by acting Naval Officer William Hamilton on 8 Jan. 1825.

[Certificate of Freedom. 1823 or 1824]

Cert freedom 1824 CON13-1-1_00253_L
Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office CON13/1/1 (inserted at end of volume)

Copies: TAHO

Printed with the new type which arrived in July 1823. Issued to James Cullen by Lieutenant Governor William Sorell on 10 May 1824. An accompanying undated note indicates it was found in the chain gang room and “supposed to be ready to assist some man in making his escape.”

Wesleyan Branch Missionary Society. Monthly Report of District No. [printed form] ca. 1824.

Copies: TAHO

Several examples are in NS499/1/155: Administrative and Circuit Records of the Methodist Church in Tasmania. Filled in for 6 Dec. 1824 and various dates in 1825.

Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society. Bill of Exchange for £. 182- [ca. 1824]

13 x 20 cm.

Copies: ANL

Bill of exchange nla.obj-2518109030-1
National Library of Australia FERG/7263 https://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-2518109030

General Rules, adopted by the Teachers’ Meeting, May 11, 1824.

Ferguson 993a.  Original is in TAHO NS499. Description based on photocopy in TSL.

The rules, printed in narrow columns, have been cut out from some earlier printing and pasted into the Minute book of the Wesleyan Sunday School Union.  Rule xii states that the Secretary shall furnish every teacher received into the Union with a copy of the general rules; and the School Secretary shall furnish the Parent or Guardian of every child with a copy of the rules for internal Government. This suggests that, as Ferguson assumed, the rules were originally printed as a broadside.

There is also another photocopied sheet which reproduces two Appendices: Form of the report of Absentees Apr. 25 1824,  and Form of school secretary’s monthly report presented to the committee April 13 1824. It is possible these were originally been part of the third Annual Report.

Two promissory notes in similar format. John Weavill. 1824. In: Tasmanian paper currency [album] / collected by Dr. William Edward Crowther. TAHO CRO.STORE 737.42 CRO.

Six pence note (has been digitised) is 65 X 152 mm.

Promissory notes 1824 (1)
Promissory notes 1824 (2)

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