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The Tasmanian Almanack for the Year of our Lord 1825; being the first after Leap Year. Calculated for the Meridian of Hobart Town, Longitude 147½° E.—Latitude 42° 50’ S. Published under the Sanction and Patronage of his Honor the Lieutenant Governor, George Arthur, Esq. &c. &c. &c. Hobart Town: Compiled and printed by Andrew Bent, Government Printer.

88 p., post 8vo in fours (Wilson) pages 18.7 x 12 cm. approx. Folding engraved plate of signals facing p. 65. A variety of original covers have survived – blue, yellow or pink paper with cream back strip (paper sometimes stiffened), and an unusual contemporary tall binding in Wilson Collection.

Ferguson 1047. Copies: Alexander Turnbull Library, National Library of New Zealand; Allport; ANL; ANL (FC); BL (cannot currently locate); Crowther; DC; ML (2 copies); NSL; Tas Parl (2 copies); TSL; TU (2 copies); Wilson collection (2 copies).

1825 Almanack Mitchell 996.01 1 separate copy (3)
Mitchell Library 996.01 1
Mitchell Feb 2016 Batch 2 057
Mitchell Library C600 (1824 and 1825 showing difference in covers and size)

Published 1 Jan. 1825, price one dollar. The signal plate, engraved by Thomas Bock, was the first book illustration published in Tasmania. Includes what is probably the first directory of Hobart Town. Includes on p. 8 some ‘original stanzas’ on New Years’ Morn, probably written by E. H. Thomas.

By mid-year, copies had made their way to London. The descriptive text to Lycett’s Views in Australia, first issued with part XIII in June 1825 and included in the bound volume version published in July, commented favourably on the standard achieved by the printer:

The “Tasmanian Almanack for 1825” is now before us, containing a great variety of most useful local information, printed in a style much superior to the Moore’s Almanack of London, and equal to any produced in Great Britain.

One of the TU copies is inscribed on flyleaf: John Faulkner Jnr Jany 31-25. The Gift of Andrew Bent at Hobart Town. J Gresley 1833.

Digitised copy

In the Supreme Court. To Dudley Fereday, Esquire, Sheriff of Van Diemen’s Land [Summons] [late 1824 or early 1825]

summons Supr Court 1825Tas Papers 148
Mitchell Library Tas Papers 148

John Smith of Launceston was summoned to answer the complaint of Edward Lord. Signed by Chief Justice J. L. Pedder. The Supreme Court opened on 10 May 1824 and this summons was signed on 9 Mar. 1825.

Enfeoffment, or Absolute Deed of Conveyance. Tasmania: printed and sold by Andrew Bent, Hobart Town. ca. 1825

Broadside, 40.5 x 50 cm. Copies: TAHO (NS52/1/41); Wilson collection.

Bent's enfeoffment Wilson
Wilson Collection. Image courtesy I. Wilson

Bent had advertised enfeoffment forms for sale as early as 1822. This example was printed between Oct. 1824, when Bent received some elegant new types, and 10 May 1825 when it was signed. This masterly piece of work shows Bent at his peak as a practical printer. Another example in TAHO  was used in Oct. 1826, for the sale of a property belonging to Bent’s good friend Bartholomew Broughton.

The Charter of the Bank of Van Diemen’s Land. Hobart Town: Printed by Andrew Bent. 1825.

20p. (3-19 (verso blank), last leaf blank), 20.5 x 13.3. cm. Plain blue paper wrappers.
Ferguson 999. Copies: Crowther (incomplete); ML (title changed in pen to: Settlement of the Bank of Van Diemen’s Land)

Charter Bank VDL
W L Crowther Library, TAHO. CRO 332.15946 BAN (Image courtesy Libraries Tasmania)

Moves to form a joint stock company bank began with a public meeting on 11 Aug. 1823. Bent was one of the 73 original shareholders listed in the Bank’s Charter. 200 shares were issued, at 200 Spanish dollars each.  HTG of 27 Feb. 1824 noted that the charter of incorporation had been forwarded per Woodlark from the Governor in Chief and that the notes of the Bank were ready to be put into circulation immediately. HTG 11 Feb. 1825 announced that the charter ‘is at length printed.’ Bent’s 1825 Almanack indicates that he was the letter press printer for the Bank, and W. [i.e. William] King was the copper plate printer.


Text of the charter is reproduced in HRA III, iv, p. 532-547

A receipt for an installment on purchase of a share in the bank is shown in  1823 imprints.

W. L. Crowther Library, TAHO CRO.STORE 737.42 CRO Digital image courtesy Libraries Tasmania

Three-pence [promissory note] issued by John Martin, Eagle Tavern, Argyle Street.

72 X 92 mm.

In: Tasmanian paper currency [album] collected by Dr. William Edward Crowther.  Digitised by Libraries Tasmania.

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